Indicative training schedule


Please note that types, subjects and calendar for the trainings organised by EODS are determined by the Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) of the European Commission and the European External Action Service (EEAS). Two types of events/courses are typically held:

  1. Trainings for Core Team members: these are beginners courses targeting eligible applicants with little or no core team experience in EU EOMs. Such trainings aim to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to work as a member of the core team in EU EOMs. Participation is upon selection after online application.
  2. Workshops: these are advanced courses targeting experienced EU EOM analysts. This type of events aims to encourage peer discussion, experience sharing, methodological updates and to increase knowledge on specific subjects pertaining to the EOM areas of analysis and assessment. Participation is upon selection after online application or upon invitation.
Type of training Date Procedure Type
Training for EEAS / EC staff 25 / 26 May Upon invitation On-line
Press Officers Workshop 22 / 23 June Upon invitation On-line
Info session for MEPs September (TBC) Application TBD
Recommendations & Follow Up Workshop September Upon invitation TBD
Briefing for Chief Observers October (TBC) Upon invitation TBD
IT Experts Workshop October Upon invitation TBD
Social Media Analysts Workshop November Upon invitation TBD
Data Analyst Workshop November Upon invitation TBD
DCO / Team Leaders / SP PMs Annual Meeting November Upon invitation TBD


Please verify carefully the type of training event before applying as well as the criteria for eligibility. You can also refer to the How to apply section for further information on the application criteria.

Jun 25
Jun 10
Training on EU Election Observation and Follow-up to recommendations

On 25-26 May, EODS co-organized an online training...