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Methodology 20 Jul 2021
EUEOMs Facebook page launched to act as a central hub for all communication on EU election observation

On 14 July EODS launched the official Facebook page of the European Union Election Observation Missions (EU EOMs). This new channel aims to act as a central hub for all communication related to the EU...

Methodology 25 Jun 2021
Press Officers Workshop: Enhancing communication on election observation missions, 22-23 June

The creation of audio-visual material compliant with the EU Data Protection Regulation and the development of new strategies to reach out to EU audiences were some of the main topics of discussion dur...

Methodology 10 Jun 2021
Training on EU Election Observation and Follow-up to recommendations

On 25-26 May, EODS co-organized an online training for EU officials from Delegations in different countries and Headquarters on ‘EU Election Observation and Follow-up to recommendations’. ...

Methodology 06 Dec 2019
Bi-annual meeting of national Focal Points for EU Election Observation missions

Bi-annual meeting of national focal points for EU election observation missions was held at the EODS office in Brussels on 6 December 2019. The event allowed for exchanging views and discussing possib...

Methodology 05 Feb 2019
Online election campaign monitoring

Possible development of a methodology to monitor election campaigning on the internet was discussed during the expert seminar held at EODS on 4-6 February. The significance of digital communications t...