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Methodology 21 Jun 2018
Final Report of EU EOM Paraguay 2018

Renate Weber, Chief Observer of the EU EOM Paraguay 2018, issued the mission's final report following Paraguay 2018 general elections, including 20 recommendations for future improvements.

Methodology 29 May 2018
Final Report of EU EOM El Salvador 2018

On Tuesday 22nd May 2018, the EU EOM came back to El Salvador to present the Final report of the mission.      

Methodology 25 May 2018
Bi-annual meeting of National Focal Points for Election Observation - Lisbon 2018

Recruitment and training of election observers as well as observation methodology and election observation missions were the main topics of discussion during the bi-annual meeting of National Focal Po...

Methodology 22 May 2018
Opening of the training for Election Analyst in French-speaking EU EOMs

EODS II has organised a four-days training targeting prospective Election Analysts (EA). The course has started today in Brussels. Its main goal is to provide the selected twelve participants with the...

Methodology 02 May 2018
EODS attends the ZIF annual training for Long-Term Observers

On Monday 29 April, EODS took part as guest-speaker to the annual Long-Term election observation training organised by ZIF. EODS presented EU perspectives on international election observation, in par...

Aug 16
Application for Press Officer in EU EOMs

Brussels, 24 – 29 September 2018   ...

Jul 17
Final Report of EU EOM Lebanon 2018

This report has been produced by the European Unio...

Jun 21
Final Report of EU EOM Paraguay 2018

Renate Weber, Chief Observer of the EU EOM Paragua...