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About EODS

About EODS

The EODS project has restarted with a new team comprising Konrad Olszewski (Project Director) and Giovanna Maiola (Training Coordinator). Khaldoun Dudin (ICT coordinator) will support the project in all information technology matters. The new team intends to build upon the outstanding work done by their predecessors: Mark Stevens, Hannah Roberts and Anders Eriksson (NEEDS I – NEEDS II); Domenico Tuccinardi, Gillian Mc Cormack and Frank Balme (NEEDS III); Gilles Saphy, Holly Ruthrauff, Manuel Sanchez de Nogues and Barbara Smith (EODS I). Their professional contribution to the project development as well as to the EU election observation methodology is much appreciated. The tentative agenda of the upcoming trainings and other events will be soon available online. Keep on following the EODS Website as well as EODS Facebook page for regular updates.

Jun 13
Opening of the training for Deputy Chief Observer in French-speaking EU EOMs

EODS II has organised a five-days training targeti...

Jun 08
Lab Debate: Beyond Election Day, Best practices for follow-up to EU EOMs

In case you are not able to join the event in pers...

Jun 02
Bi-annual meeting of the national Focal Points for election observation

The Focal Points for election observation from EU ...