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About EODS

About EODS

The EODS – Phase II project started in February 2016. The EODS team comprises Konrad Olszewski (Project Director), Giovanna Maiola (Training Coordinator), and Vera Lourenço (Regional Coordinator) as key experts. Giorgio Grasso (Editorial & IT specialist) supports the project in all information technology and editorial activities, while Sebastiano Mori (Project Officer) is responsible for administrative matters.

Funded by the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR), the new EODS II project builds up on the activities of EODS I in the areas of methodology, training of observers and electoral experts serving in EU EOMs, as well as capacity building of regional organisations and networks of citizen observers.

EODS II succeeds EODS I, which ran over the period 2013-2016. The EODS II team banks on the work done by their predecessors: Mark Stevens, Hannah Roberts and Anders Eriksson (NEEDS I – NEEDS II); Domenico Tuccinardi, Gillian Mc Cormack and Frank Balme (NEEDS III); Gilles Saphy, Holly Ruthrauff, Manuel Sanchez de Nogues and Barbara Smith (EODS I).

Keep on following the EODS Website as well as EODS Facebook page for regular updates on the project’s activities and events.

Oct 11
Annual workshop for Deputy Chief Observers in EU Election Observation Missions

EEAS and FPI, in cooperation with EODS, organised ...

Sep 24
Opening of the training course for Press Officers in EU EOMs

EODS II has organised a six-days training targetin...

Aug 16
Application for Press Officer in EU EOMs

Brussels, 24 – 29 September 2018   ...