Press Officers look at emerging trends related to EU EOMs visibility

Press Officers look at emerging trends related to EU EOMs visibility

A workshop for experienced Press Officers in European Union Election Observation Missions (EU EOMs) gathered 8 experts with relevant experience in the fields of communications and visibility in EOMs deployed over the last three years, from 2021 – 2023.

The event organized by EODS on 21 and 22 November aimed at offering an opportunity for participants to share experiences related to their work, identify lessons learned, and brainstorm about emerging challenges and trends in the EOMs communications and visibility field, posed by a constantly evolving context, including disinformation. 

During the two-day gathering, the participants acknowledged the status of implementation of the recommendations produced in a 2021 online event and debated on their experience establishing effective communications strategies to provide visibility to the EOM in the host country, as well as in Europe and worldwide.

Officials from the Service for Foreign Policy Instruments (FPI) and the European External Action Service (EEAS), including colleagues from both Strategic Communication divisions, the Communication Policy and Public Diplomacy division and Strategic Communication, Task Forces and Information Analysis Division, were also present and contributed to a fruitful exchange updating the experts on relevant aspects related to communications and visibility in the European Union. 

The event was also occasion to reiterate the importance of the visibility of EOMs as a solid example of the larger work done by the EU in supporting efforts towards establishing sustainable democratic trends around the world, as well as to highlight the Press Officers’ achievements in promoting these efforts and the work of the EOMs.