MEMO 98 is an international non-profit organisation based in Slovakia, with 23 years of experience in conducting analysis and monitoring of traditional and social media during elections. Having participated in more than 150 elections observation missions and projects, we assemble experts who have practical experience with international election observation as well as expertise working with domestic observers and other election stakeholders.

MEMO 98 mission statement is expressed in the slogan "Helping people to receive comprehensive information and understand what the media report."


We have worked in 56 countries (in particular in the former Soviet Union and Balkan countries, but also Africa, Asia, Middle East, and Latin America), participating in election observation missions or enhancing capacities of civil society organisations, election management bodies, media regulators and journalists through different types of workshops and training.

What (we do)

  • Design and carry out media monitoring projects, research and analysis;
  • Offer consultancy and technical assistance as well as country and sector assessment and review;
  • Provide expertise on media conduct, and on media and election legislation, in the framework of international election observation missions (primarily with the EU and OSCE/ODIHR);
  • Design and manage training courses;
  • Promote quality journalism;
  • Help to increase quality and sensitivity in minority-focused reporting;
  • Facilitate meetings and conferences;
  • Exchange experience and best practice with like-minded networks.