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EODS launches eLex, the International Election-related Case Law Database

EODS launches eLex, the International Election-related Case Law Database

Over the last two decades, international human rights law has evolved substantially over the question of the best ways to achieve the goal of democratic elections. In particular, an important corpus of election-related case-law has been developed by regional human rights courts and UN treaty-monitoring bodies. This corpus of case law provides authoritative interpretation and clarifications of the principles enshrined in human rights treaties in ways that take account of concrete situations.

The purpose of the eLex databaseis to gather, in an accessible format, the election-related decisions, observations and judgements of regional human rights courts and United Nations treaty bodies. 

At its launch, the eLex database contains 280 election-related cases, sorted by year, human rights body, election obligation, and country. Each case has its own short summary, and all original decisions, judgements and observations can be downloaded from the user page. 

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