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CFI is the French media cooperation agency responsible for promoting and enhancing the media in developing countries. Legally a subsidiary of national broadcaster France Televisions, CFI is funded by an annual grant from the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and by contracts with multilateral donors. CFI works alongside various players operating in the media industry (TV, radio, written press, social media) and civil society organisations in order to strengthen the modernisation and democratisation process in third countries. CFI’s projects include journalist training, media management strategy and networking activities with active media professionals. CFI works with a network of about 800 professional experts working for audio-visual and online media as well as social media.


Jun 25
Opening of the training course for Political and Campaign Analysts in EU EOMs

EODS II has opened today 25 June the training targ...

Mar 26
Opening of the training course for Legal Analysts in EU EOMs

EODS II has opened yesterday 25 March the training...